Ljoe & Changjo @ Red Carpet | KCON 2014 | 140809 | DO NOT EDIT
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TEEN TOP!! The baes

I took more videos than pictures sorry


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Chile Angles! Your voice was best we’ve ever heard! Angels carefully go home♡

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#TEENTOPinCHILE Changjo said Angel is the best!!! (Press Conference in CHILE)

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- aRtisT was a good era

- Even the cameraman knows what he wants.

- That crotch don’t lie.

- Does no one else find this to be a massive turn on? or am I just weird

- Put that away you little shit

- …and RIP ovaries.

- The boy likes what he sees.

Cum  Come on over.


Massive gif post is massive, and also captioned in order of submission

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